Cost of Construction - Custom Homes

What follows is a quick introduction on how we will guide you through the house design process, from the first sketch to enjoying your very own home in the tropics! Please read it carefully as it contains all necessary information to initiate the process.  Do realize that this is a guideline based on current costs as of September 2018.  We can expect that costs will increase over time.

In order to start with your home project and achieve the perfect design for you, we need to get to know you better. We need you to supply us with basic information regarding your lifestyle and budget. Do you have a big family? Do you like to entertain? How large of house would you like, how many rooms, how many floors? Do you need an office? Are you indoors or outdoors people? Would you like a pool? Do you like gardening? Will you be there full time or part time and will you be renting out your house? The answer to these questions as well any other comments you may have will be helpful to start the design process.

This information will assist our Design Team in making your vision come alive. They will visit your property, review the lay of the land and determine how to adapt your needs to the site, taking advantage of the best views and prevalent breeze. Feel free to forward us a sketch or a drawing you may have that we can use as a starting point, by e-mail or fax to 011-(506)-2786-5034.

The standard rate for construction is currently $120 per square foot in concrete block shell featuring hard woods, all raised panel cabinetry in hardwood, granite finishes on all solid surfaces and raised panel and custom designed signature doors throughout.  Keep in mind that our "good finish" is typically the top of the line for many other builders.

Note: I receive these prices from our construction division with updates from time to time.  I received these at the beginning of 2018.  Invariably every time they get back to me, prices are increasing so please understand these prices may have changed when you get into the process.  Every project is different and you will get exact pricing when you enter a construction contract.  At that time they will give you an exact measure of pricing based on actual specifications.


We offer two different shell structures;

  1. Cinder block structure

    What is included:

    * Design

    * Floor and bathroom ceramic tile – from our standard selection

    * Shower enclosure in plastic

    * Pedestal bathroom sink

    * 4 electrical outlets per room

    * 1 TV jack and 1 phone jack

    * Septic system

    * 1 paint color for exterior of home, white interior

    * Electric wiring in entire house

    * All plumbing piping in entire house

    * PVC windows

    * Pine doors


    What is not included:

    * Site preparation

    * Architect, blue prints and permit fees

    * Water and electrical hook up

    * Landscape, pools, hardscape outside the house

    The additional costs not included in our basic construction costs are detailed below. VDP does not provide furniture or appliances in standard construction quotes but all is available for an additional cost.


    1. Blueprints (architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural) 5% of the construction cost
    2. Permits 1.26%  Engineers and Architects Board, Municipality)
    3. Insurance 3.71% of the cost of labor, designated as 42% of the construction cost
    4. One time road repair fee $1,000.00
    5. Soil Test $600.00
    6. Electric and Water intake $3,000.00 (may vary depending on location)
    7. Topographical survey (building site not entire property) and house layout stake out $1000
    8. Site planning $3,000.00
    9. Site preparation cost (including grading, water management, erosion control and driveway) will be determined upon completion of the site planning stage, as every lot is unique.
    10. Landscaping varies depending on the landscape design developed between the client and the professional.
  2.  ICF foam structure panel and structural steel frame home, at this time, is $130.00 US per square foot. (Covintec ICF foam) and uses ICF foam and wire frame panels along with gunite and veneering concrete for both interior and exterior finishes.


    The schedule of payments for construction is as follows, as outlined in our building contract:


    1.         25% as a deposit

    2.         25% to initiate the construction

    3.         25% to initiate the roof construction

    4.         20% to initiate paint application and ceramic tile

    5.         2.5% on completion of the building process

    6.         2.5% upon rectification of any agreed to claims


    Some of the additional costs not included in the building contract would be:

    - Architect’s fee, blueprint drawing, building permits around $5,000 to $6,000 (number based on 1,500 square foot house) 

    - Site preparation $2000 to no limit depending on lot size, steepness, type of home, etc

    - Average driveway from $2,000 to $6,000

    - Landscaping starting from $1,000 and up, hardscape, pavers, etc are additional

    - Water hook-up from $1,000 to $2,000

    - Electrical hook-up from $1,000 to $3,000 (number based on distance of 25 meters)

    - Water management (which drives the rainwater to where we want it) $1,500 - $5,000

    - Pool, an average size for example would be – rectangular 4mt x 8mt x 1.4mt deep (a larger pool or different shape would be extra), painted with a chlorine system - $19,000, extra costs will apply for tile, salt system, infinity and waterfall.  Note: this price increased at the beginning of 2018 and a new price will be published soon.

    - Carport/garage, appliances and furniture.Please remember, these costs are variable according to each case. 

    Once we have your information and ideas, the design team will start the “design dance” sending ideas and sketches back and forth, waiting for your comments and your modifications until your final approval. 

    To begin this process, we require a commitment of $2,500 US which will be applied as a credit to your overall building costs.