Deb and Terry from Florida

Deb and Terry Cohen

Deb and Terry consider themselves in the "prime of life". Deb is a R.N. and has worked in all areas of nursing including ICU, coronary care, cardiac cath and on and on. She has been on "sabbatical" since 1996. She has numerous interests including gardening, horseback riding, reading, socializing with friends and being outdoors. She has been doing very well since having back surgery in Dec. ‘07 (she did, after all, ride in the Toyota Land Crusher when they were at the guest house and did the zip line). She's originally from New Jersey but moved to Florida as a teenager and after pursuing her wanderlust in her 20's, returned to Florida 25 years ago. Terry has been living in Boca Raton and practicing as an emergency physician for the past 27 years. He's not looking to retire for another 10 years or so (he says "hopefully less"). His hobbies have been varied. Most recently his obsession is with car racing, but he's also found other holes to throw his money into. He does love automobiles, but is realizing that perhaps he should find another hobby less tied up with fossil fuel. He's a golfer, skier, home handyman and raconteur of modest proportion. Deb and Terry have been married since 1994 and have a daughter Emily, age 20, currently in school. They look forward to spending more time in Ojochal and getting to know the community and people better. They say that perhaps their single greatest claim to fame is that they own the lot across the road from Steve and Kristina. Lucky them.