Bob and Michelle from Connecticut

Bob Palmer and Michelle Palmer

Bob hails from Connecticut where he works as a doctor in the insurance industry. He lived in Europe for three years as a teenager and has traveled extensively abroad, including most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Nicaragua, and many spots in the Caribbean. He is an A level racquetball player, has enjoyed alpine skiing and skydiving (he owns a t-shirt that reads "if at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you"), and claims to have invented the game of Frisbee golf, though he has had trouble collecting the appropriate royalties. He recently toured our properties with his girlfriend Michelle, also in the insurance industry. Bob, in his continuous pursuit of thrill-seeking activities, set a record for the number of falls for a tour participant, received a record low score from the judges for his effort at the waterfall rope swing in  Dominicalito, and bodysurfed through the caves at Playa Ventana, an experience he will not soon repeat or recommend to others. Bob and Michelle have this to say about the area: " Utterly charming. Love the country focus on ecology and the practice of setting aside land for nondevelopment, saving threatened species, etc. The monkey shows at Costa Verde were great. The people seemed very friendly. The food was almost uniformly great and was without exception quite inexpensive."