Dick and Linda from Connecticut

We'd like to offer a warm welcome to Dick and Linda of Connecticut, new owners in Phase 10. Both Dick and Linda grew up in the Jamestown/Chautauqua Lake area of NY. Linda taught elementary school for several years which included gifted and special needs students. Dick spent virtually all of his professional life at universities and institutions whose focus is scientific research (wildlife conservation and marine and atmospheric pollution). He retired early from Columbia University in 2002 having served as Assoc Dean of the Law School and then for as VP and then signed on at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as VP for Development where he remains today. Dick has this to say about their Costa Rica experience: "Our family has always had a love of the ocean and at one point was fortunate to live in Bermuda. Looking back it was a special time for our family. We were exposed to a unique lifestyle and way of life that harkens back to a time when life was simpler and family and community were important. A former colleague built a home in Costa Rica and encouraged me to check it out. Having spent time working in conservation I was impressed about what I learned about Ventana and the importance placed on responsible development and the environment. We did some homework and became convinced that the Ojochal area, because of the proximity to the mountains and ocean coupled with tremendous bio diversity and an enlightened development perspective, was the place to be. When I visited I had a chance to meet several members of the Ventana staff as well as other members of the greater Ojochal community and was impressed by their sincerity and friendliness and overall sense of community. It reminded me of our life in Bermuda. Finally, I had heard enough stories about the pitfalls of trying to oversee construction of a vacation home in absentia that made the "one stop shopping" offered by Ventana very attractive. Our expectation is that our new home will be a family retreat to be enjoyed by the entire family for years to come." Dick and Linda are a terrific addition to the community and we are very fortunate that they'll be joining us.