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Charles is from Beaverton, Oregon. He grew up in the small town of Roslyn in Central Washington State, better known as Cicely, Alaska to those who followed the TV series "Northern Exposure".   After high school he ended up in Seattle working for the Boeing Co., and Honeywell Inc.  He says "several years working in aerospace and marine systems for the Navy was diverse and interesting to say the least".  At Boeing, he was part of the team working on the Lunar Orbitor project which orbited the moon and photographed landing sites for the following Apollo Program.  At Honeywell, he became the Assembly Supervisor for the Mark-46 Torpedo program, then moved into a position of Plant Engineer.

        He's now employed as a Facilities Manager/Designer for a 100-store restaurant chain.   In his spare time he designs and builds fused and stained glass art and also does custom picture framing which became an addition to his passion for photography. Photography is the reason he found himself in Costa Rica.  After traveling to many parts of the world, he realized he had a special need to return to Costa Rica and possibly consider a retirement home. He says " I made the move after seeing Steve's Pacific Lots advertisements, scheduled a trip and met the fantastic group of people at Ventana.  Now my mind is full of ideas, plans and conceptual drawings for the property I've just purchased."