Policies for visiting our properties

We have developed the following visit policies to ensure each guest gets a good opportunity to view our developments without distraction.

1. Try to book your Guest House visit early to avoid disappointment because the availability at the Guest House is limited.

2. Pay $299 per person for your visit. This covers the cost of all lodging, most meals, transportation from the airport to our guest house and back.  You'll also receive an additional credit of $1,000 off the purchase price to offset travel and visit costs. Since Costa Rica is a vacation destination, we want you to know this is a property tour and not a vacation.

3. Bring your check book to reserve your favorite property. We regret that we cannot hold a property without a 10% deposit.

4. No children under 12 years old are allowed at the Guest House. Even though Costa Rica is a great place to bring children, it is best to bring them along another time when you can focus on them and they can participate in suitable activities. There could be several guests visiting concurrently and children can be distracting to the business at hand. In addition, the Guest House has not been designed to be child-safe and the property tour can be boring for children. To be sure that everyone has a productive, rewarding experience, we hope that you understand and appreciate this policy.

6. Cancellation policies vary with the different hotels and transportation so, if your plans change, please let us know right away so that we can make the necessary adjustments and try to avoid cancellation fees.

7. All travel expenses to our area are included in the guest house visit fee. We can assist with other arrangements before or after your visit if you would like assistance.

8. We cannot extend your stay at the Guest House due to the high demand but we can assist with reservations at local hotels or drop you at a rental car office if you prefer.

9. At this time unfortunately our facilities are not handicapped accessible.