Dave and Jackie from Florida

Dave Jurek and Jackie Jurek

We'd like to welcome Dave and Jackie. They both grew up in Western New York and were high school sweethearts marrying shortly after graduation (25 years in November). They currently reside in Florida and have three great kids, Dave Jr who is in the AirForce and is getting married in February, Stephanie who is married and has two children of her own, and Mike who works with Dave in the family business. Dave owns his own business and Jackie is a teacher. They're "empty nesters" right now although the nest isn't always empty. They wanted to look for a place to have a vacation home as well as a place to retire that is both beautiful and serene. Dave always wanted to live on an island. He loves the ocean and beaches and such. Jackie, on the other hand, loves the mountains and rivers. They found that Costa Rica gives each of them the elements of nature that they love. They've also found that the people in Costa Rica are gracious and kind. Jackie had this to say about their experience "We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back again. We had a great time before we went to the guest house. We stayed a few days at El Buena Vista. They truly do have a beautiful view. The company and accommodations were great. We went on a "guided tour" with Kristina and Steve and they are great guides. We didn't exactly do the touristy stuff, which was our goal. We wanted to see the area where we were contemplating a purchase to see if it was for us. The more of Costa Rica we saw before going to the guest house, the more excited we were to see what kinds of lots were available that would suit both our tastes and desires (we didn't need it but we did want it). We had a good time at the guest house; plenty of good food, wine and company. Our intention was to buy just one lot however the more we saw the more we liked. We ended up buying two lots. One was akin to a trek into the jungle and up a mountain and you couldn't see the whole thing but Dave just had to have it. "My" lot was a no brainer. It is a 9 ocean view and a 10 mountain view. Breathtaking no matter which direction you choose to look. I am very excited about getting into the building process. We are extremely pleased that we now have a vested interest in such a special place. The whole process was fun and exciting. The journey isn't over yet. We have only just begun."