Richard and Diane from New Hampshire

Diane McSweeney and Richard McSweeney

Richard and Diane were born and raised in Massachusetts.  Seven years ago they moved to Hollis,New Hampshire, to take advantage of a slower pace of life and less traffic.    Approximately one year ago they made the decision that, upon retirement, they would like to live in a warmer climate and enjoy a more relaxed way of life.  (Pura Vida, anyone?)

                They said “After much research and some travel we found that Costa Rica offered exactly what we were searching for.  As soon as we arrived in the Southern Zone, we fell in love with the area and knew this was the perfect place for us. 

                We plan to take up full-time residence in approximately two-years’ time, but in the interim we are having a great time planning our dream home in the rain forest, and checking out house plans on the Internet to help us explore possibilities and refine our needs.

                We are very excited about our future in Costa Rica and are very anxious to start our next Big Adventure!”