Wende from Wisconsin

Wende Warren







Wende lives in Wisconsin and hates winter there  As she started to plan her retirement options she decided that having a home in a warm climate is definitely part of her plans.  Having been to Costa Rica before (and loving the warm people and climate) she thought what better place to build a vacation/retirement home.  It will be a couple of years before her home in Tropicos Verdes is built, but she can't wait to spend time there.  She has a few years until retirement still, but plans to vacation there before retirement and spend a lot more time there afterwards. 

            Currently she works at Harley-Davidson Motor Company in the Asia Pacific International group, is divorced and has two grown children.  She also has 2 darling granddaughters. They are excited to be able to visit Costa Rica.  She's just finishing up her MBA in International Business and will graduate in May. Her love of travel prompted her to get her MBA, which is really useful in the global business climate she works in.  It also has made it a lot easier to think globally both in her personal and business life. She says, "I can't wait to call Costa Rica home."