Val from Russia

Val Kolesnikov


Valeriy "Val" is from St. Peterburg, Russia (not the one in Florida). He came to Minnesota in 1995 and after getting his MBA in 1997 settled down in Minneapolis. He worked in different capacities (manager of Sam's, Oracle database Administrator), since 2003 as well as owned White Bear Heating and Air Conditioning LLP.  Business was not going well so he began to do more interpreting work for hospitals, clinics and courts.
                Val's traveled to many countries including Finland, Norway, England, Spain, Australia and some others (Caribbean and Mexico) and found that Costa Rica is one of the loveliest places on earth. He wants to help Russians with buying properties from Pacific Lots and potentially settling down in CR. He olds dual citizenship: USA and Russia and visits Russia, Ukraine regularly. One of his sons lives in Moscow (speaks French and English) another one lives in St. Petersburg and speaks English so he hopes they will come to CR to see it for themselves.