Jim and Bettie

Jim Nickerson and Bettie Hirshom

We'd also like to introduce Bettie and Jim. Bettie is a practicing RN who is slowly closing down a 13 year private Geriatric Care Management practice. When their home is built in Costa Rica, she hopes to become involved in the community and volunteer time at the new hospital. Jim recently retired after being a 20 year Building Commissioner for a Town just west of Boston. He is also licensed as a Plumber and operated his own plumbing company prior to becoming the Commish. Both live just West of Boston.

Bettie and Jim enjoy the outdoors, adventure and gardening. They fell in love with Costa Rica upon arrival and are looking forward to the day when they will be able to enjoy the clean fresh air; the beautiful lush land; the ability to have a ready supply of fruits and vegetables; the great warm steady temperatures; and the friendliness of the Tico people. There are only positive experiences to be had. In the meantime, they are building a home in Ogunquit, Maine on the seacoast.