Polly and Robert

Polly Tertocha and Robert Navarro

Robert and Polly sold their home in Raleigh, NC, three years ago, moved onto a new 46' sailboat, and became full-time cruisers exploring the eastern US coast from the Chesapeake to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. They previously have traveled to almost 30 countries, including the Caribbean, Africa, the middle east, Central and South America, and planned on living abroad after cruising. Three trips to Costa Rica convinced them they had found their perfect future home. Robert is a clinical pharmacist, published 2 pharmacy management textbooks, and has recently consulted to the health care and pharmaceutical industries. Polly was a health care consultant and partner in their consulting business, and real estate broker. If you hear that Robert is a rodeo clown and part-time aluminum siding salesman, and Polly is writing a book on her successful recovery (3rd time's a charm!) as a home shopping network addict don't believe it. It's just a rumor.