Karen and Don from New Hampshire

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Don and Karen reside in Concord, New Hampshire, where Don manages a state environmental agency and Karen is a bookkeeper/accountant.  About two years ago, they began looking for retirement locations they could use as a base to support their love to travel.  Don and Karen wanted someplace near an international airport that would allow them hike, snorkel, kayak, watch wildlife, and dine at interesting restaurants.  Dissuaded by the high cost of living in their favorite U.S. locations, they began investigating international opportunities. 

Costa Rica was an early favorite, but the price was less attractive than other destinations.  That changed when Don and Karen met Steve Linder of Pacific Lots at an International Living event in 2009.  For a reasonable price, they could purchase a lot where the towering Talamanca Mountains met the magnificent Brunca Coast.  The Costa Rican government had just completed a highway to the area, and an international airport would be completed within several years.  A visit to Pacific Lots in June afforded Don and Karen the opportunity to verify the beauty of the area and the quality of the Pacific Lots product.  As importantly, the Pacific Lots staff, local Ticos, and others purchasing property were a delight.  Don and Karen purchased a half-acre lot in Tropicos Verdes with a view of the mountains and green space on three sides.

Since returning from Costa Rica, Don and Karen started IdeasDMK, a company that helps organizations with strategy, research, and writing (ideasdmk.com/home.html).  IdeasDMK provides them with an opportunity to hasten their relocation, while doing something they enjoy.