A bit of history about our developments in Costa Rica

Over 25 years ago, a small enclave of expats formed a community just north of the Osa Peninsula in the towns of Ojochal and Tres Rios de Coronado.  The development grew primarily by word of mouth attracting North Americans to this spectacular part of the country.  But getting there was not an easy task.  The inland route, the Cerro de la Muerte (translation is “passage of death”) traversed a mountain ridge high in the clouds, topping 11,000 feet in certain places.  The coastal route required numerous river crossings as well as a trek over 20 miles of unpaved road.  These challenges made the area largely un-visited.  There was the option of taking a small commuter flight from San Jose but upon arrival to the region rental cars were hard to find and taxi service was not readily available.  Developments were not gated back then, anywhere in Costa Rica.  The real estate and property markets were only for the true adventurer.  But look how things have changed! 

Our development is now in its 27th year.  We are the largest expat development in the country and likely the oldest as well.  We've sold out 15 phases of development and have built hundreds of custom homes for our clients.  Our projects now span nearly 15 miles along the coastal highlands and we've built over 50 miles of roads in the past 27 years.  We've also installed nearly a dozen municipal water systems and strung many miles of wire for electric.  While many other projects have failed in Costa Rica, ours continues to grow faster each year.  Our company now employs over 500 people and we are the largest builder of custom homes in the entire country.  Our latest phases encompass nearly 2200 acres in one contiguous development  


Don't be fooled by other developers selling projects with the promise to install infrastructure down the road.  Costa Rica is littered with such projects and thousands of owners who bought land "pre-construction" who now own lots in inaccessible fields with no road, water, electric or servcies.  Just google names like "Paragon Properties, Costa Rica", "Paradigma Costa Rica"  "Dominical Hills Costa Rica" "Wellington Property Costa Rica" "Hacienda Matapalo", "Costa Developers" or "Worldwide Land Investments and Costa Rica" and add the word fraud to see many examples of failed projects.  Don't lose your hard earned money to a new project with limited experience and capital to complete what they are selling.  Our firm is debt free and have never used bank or private financing for any of our phases.  Another thing to watch out for is projects that only sell lots that are 1.25 acres or larger (same as 5,000 meters square).  These projects are mis-using farm zoning laws.  They are actually selling you land zoned as agricultural under the assumption that you are buying land zoned as residential.   

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