Scott and Susan from New Jersey

Scott Sattan and Susan Sattan and family

Scott and Susan are from a small, south Jersey town near the Atlantic Ocean. While they enjoy spending the summers at the beach with their four young children, they realized that the summer season was just too short. They were looking toward their retirement years and wanted a lower cost of living, a friendly culture, good healthcare, and MUCH more time at the beach. “Costa Rica and Pacific Lots was the answer we’d been looking for,” says Scott. They purchased a great lot in Ojochal in Phase 10 and are excited to begin building soon. “We want our kids to enjoy this with us and learn and experience this wonderful culture,” says Susan. Scott, a physical therapist and chef, is hoping to open his own business in Ojochal. Susan, an English teacher, is hoping to volunteer her time in the local schools and teach English while she improves her Spanish. They are excited to not only build their dream home in Ojochal, but also to meet more ex-pats and locals alike to make them feel more at home in their new community.