Cheryl from California

Cheryl Eastman

Cheryl grew up in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Although she dreamt of becoming an ice skating star her closest brush with fame was having the chance to march down Hollywood Blvd. as part of her high school drill team. Back in those days you could find her each Sunday on muscle beach performing gymnastics, sometimes with Jack LaLane present. Cheryl enjoyed a long career in the aerospace and defense industries performing administrative and HR job functions. In preparation for layoffs that never affected her she started to acquire rental properties and would frequently change residences to maximize cash flow. She's currently residing in Orange County with her husband Jerry (bio to follow). They enjoy traveling and are looking forward to designing and building their dream home in beautiful Costa Rica. She's planning on visiting L.A. on occasion to maintain her properties and visit precious grandchildren. She says "I believe there is an exciting and challenging adventure before us as we adapt to a new culture and learn to communicate in a new language." The only thing that she will miss is  her neighborhood Starbucks. She's been a coffee addict since her freshman year in high school. She is willing to adapt since the Costa Rican coffee is excellent and she loves the fresh food available.