Country and Property Tour Testimonials

CUBA - November 2023 - Pure Tourism

The Cuba Tour that I did with Steve in November 2023 was incredible. 

From the very beginning when I became interested in the trip, Steve was able to guide me and provide the answers and comfort level I needed to book the trip. Having not been out of the country for the past 10 years and going to a country such as Cuba.....I was a bit apprehensive. Steve's assurances that everything would be fine were confirmed daily while in Cuba. I not only felt safe while in the country, but felt very welcomed by the Cuban people and the hosts that Steve had lined up.

The level of expertise that Steve possessed about Cuba and the Cuban way of life was unsurpassed. His knowledge of historical facts and cultural values truly enhanced the Cuban experience on a continual basis. The tour was a perfect blend of Cuba. We spent time exploring the big city of Havana mixed with time at a beautiful beach town of Varadero and my favorite time was in the country visiting a tobacco farm in the Vinales Valley. The salsa lessons were challenging, but I was thankful I had them when we went to the Tropicana on the last night of the tour. 

Steve was a master guide. Our group started as six strangers and through Steve's leadership we felt like a tight knit group working together to make lifetime memories of Cuba.

The perspectives that I gleaned from visiting Cuba were life changing. I would highly recommend Steve Linder with Pacific Lots for any travel or guided tours in the future.

I hope to return to Cuba with Steve and will also be booking other travel adventures with Pacific Lots.

Paul Hofmann - Arizona

Costa Rica to Panama tour - January 2020  -  Tourism with a bit of real estate

My partner Judy and I took the 10 day Costa Rica to Panama tour with Steve in January of 2020. What a wonderful time we had. This is small group touring with just 11 of us. It has set a high bar for expectations of future tours. We started out with a couple of nights in a great little resort hotel just outside of San Jose. The time here was spent exploring the area including a morning in a national park in the cloud forest and dinner at a fun local family restaurant serving authentic Tican food. From here we went out to the Pacific coast and headed south. Our stops were at little off-the-beaten-path family run shops and restaurants with days of exploring the sites. the sites chosen were amazing.  The stop at Manuel Antonio was a day of playing in the ocean and meeting the local monkeys. Every day was something new. From the southern zone in Costa Rica we crossed the border into Panama. One of the highlights here was the mountain town of Boquette. There was a flower festival going on at the time and it was the highlight of the day. Everywhere we stopped there was a time spent with Steve getting oriented and then let off on our own to explore. Panama City at the end of the tour was a treat. Everywhere we went we met happy, welcoming people. Steve has a great way about him. He made the tour informative and entertaining. We learned enough with Steve to feel comfortable spending another six weeks exploring first Panama and then back to Costa Rica. We look forward to our next tour with Steve which we are planning for now.


July tour group Manuel Antonio

"We loved every aspect of this trip. We never would have seen, or done many of the activities if it hadn’t been for Steve and Kristina. I especially loved the zip line. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy.”

Sierpe River Tour

"It was a really great trip and we had a wonderful time. Robert and I appreciated the preparedness and thoughtfulness that went into making this such a rewarding trip. We also appreciated the flexibility of the trip. Nice job."

Lunch at Citrus

"Thank you Steve and Kristina for the well organized tour of Costa Rica. We were made to feel very comfortable and enjoyed mixing it up with the new people we met. Everyone’s special needs seemed to be taken care of."

Manuel Antonio Lunch at the Marlin in Manuel Antonio
Sierpe River Tour

"What a wonderful experience!!! Such great planning. We enjoyed all phases of the trip. It was a wonderful educational, informative, adventurous and fun trip. The most stressless vacation we have ever had."

Sierpe River Tour
January tour group Dinner at Citrus Restaurant

“This was the only way to see the country. If we had gone on our own we would have never seen so much nor would our interest in returning be so great.”

la paz waterfall gardens deep see fishing in quepos Lunch at Tilapias Pavon

"We felt cared for without being fawned over, and the total lack of sales pressure made it a great experience.”

lunch at retaurante tilapias

The exceptional knowledge you have about Costa Rica is priceless. Thanks for everything."

manuel antonio beach table with food and drinks la paz

"To pull together a group of strangers, Navigate a foreign country with that group, while maintaining happiness and awe within the group is remarkable!”

“I advise anyone traveling to CR to do so with a tour missed the most beautiful and impressive things if it hadn’t been for Steve.”

zip line at hacienda baru
sunset at buena vista April tour group Costa Verde pool
zip lines

"Your choice of restaurants was very well planned as was the energy in the group. Also our stay and tour of the development was done in an excellent manner."

marlin caught on Magic Moon
la paz waterfall pozo azul dominicalito lunch at marakatu