Customer Testimonials

"My partner Judy and I took the 10 day Costa Rica to Panama tour with Steve in January of 2020. What a wonderful time we had. This is small group touring with just 11 of us. It has set a high bar for expectations of future tours. We started out with a couple of nights in a great little resort hotel just outside of San Jose. The time here was spent exploring the area including a morning in a national park in the cloud forest and dinner at a fun local family restaurant serving authentic Tico food. From here we went out to the Pacific coast and headed south. We stops were at little off-the-beaten-path family run shops and restaurants with days of exploring the sites. The stop at Manuel Antonio was a day of playing in the ocean and meeting the local monkeys. Every day was something new. From the southern zone in Costa Rica we crossed the border into Panama. One of the highlights here was the mountain town of Boquete. There was a flower festival going on at the time and it was the highlight of the day. Everywhere we stopped there was a time spent with Steve getting oriented and then let off on our own to explore. Panama City at the end of the tour was a treat. Everywhere we went we met happy, welcoming people. Steve has a great way about him. He made the tour informative and entertaining. We learned enough with Steve to feel comfortable spending another six weeks exploring first Panama and then back to Costa Rica. We look forward to our next tour with Steve which we are planning for now."


Many of the testimonials below are just from our 4 day tours

“The staff were very professional and every need was catered to. They were fantastic. I appreciated the knowledgeable sales reps Patrick and Marcel. They were both a wealth of information and were never pushy. The food and lodging were superb.” - John


“We loved the area around Ojochal and purchased an ocean view lot. All the locals they met were very friendly. More than anything the professional, low key approach of all the people they met at the development made our decision to buy easy. It didn’t hurt either that so many of the employees had decided to buy and live in the development. We felt at home and welcome everywhere they went and look forward to making Ojochal our home away from home.” – Chris and Jo Ann


“Absolutely respected and enjoyed the staff and the work they did during our visit. They were personable and full of property and local information. In the short period of time we felt very much appreciated and I personally appreciated the attentiveness of the staff we met and dealt with.” Richard and Jack


“The staff were all excellent, keep with the "no pressure" sales approach. The property will sell itself. Every one that we met was very nice and made us feel welcome. Their knowledge of the product was evident and impressive. You could tell that they really believed in what they were doing.” – Tom and Bonnie


“Your overall approach was first rate. The conversations around the diner table were extremely valuable. No one made the complete effort as you did.… Many, many thanks!!!” Sherry and Bob


“We stayed at the guest house and Marcel took us out to look at lots the first day, the second day Patrick drove us to houses under construction to completed houses.

They wined and dined us and the best part of the stay was we never heard the words buy or sell all the time we were there. Needless to say we come home owning a piece of paradise, now I can’t wait to build a house and start enjoying the warm winters.”- Bruce and Sheila


“Having gone to several other property tours after Pacific Lots, I would say yours was the most organized, the most informative and the most knowledgeable (and pleasant) sales staff.” -  Diana


“The tour was perfect for considering living in Costa Rica. Steve and Kristina are superb guides for introducing you to the area. Their familiarity make you feel right at home and as if you could make Costa Rica your home too. Their low pressure approach to showing you the real estate possibilities is perfect for the low key lifestyle of the area. You just don't feel pressure about anything....only peaceful and invited to come and join in. Costa Rica is beautiful and Ventanas [represented by Pacific Lots] is a haven.” – Kathy and Michael


“The staff was great! Knowledgeable and respectful. Had nice and useful conversations with them.” - Boris


“We were impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff. We appreciated the absence of a ‘hard sell’.” – Steve and Wendy


“We did some homework and became convinced that the Ojochal area, because of the proximity to the mountains and ocean coupled with tremendous bio diversity and an enlightened development perspective, was the place to be. When I visited I had a chance to meet several members of the staff as well as other members of the greater Ojochal community and was impressed by their sincerity and friendliness and overall sense of community. It reminded me of our life in Bermuda. Finally, I had heard enough stories about the pitfalls of trying to oversee construction of a vacation home in absentia that made the “one stop shopping” [was] very attractive. Our expectation is that our new home will be a family retreat to be enjoyed by the entire family for years to come.” – Dick and Linda


“Your staff was excellent, very knowledgeable and very helpful.” - Michael


“The staff, Marcel, Patrick and Steve were excellent. Everyone did a great job. I realize it can be very challenging for everyone to do the job day in and day out. Especially with how busy it is. My hat's off to everyone. Thank you so much for offering us a place to stay but more importantly for sharing your home with us. We appreciate is very much. Kind regards.” -  Tom and Ellen


“All staff was very professional. If they did not have an answer to my questions I was directed to someone that would.” - Kathy


“Thank you and the rest of the staff for such courtesy and informative presentations. Especially we appreciated the NO HIGH PRESSURE tactics in presenting your wonderful properties. Your information about the properties selling themselves is absolutely on point. Once people see what you have to offer, they make their own decision to purchase. Thank you very much for this part.” -  Jerry and Karen


“Guest house visit rates a 5 (5 being highest). We were very comfortable at the house and enjoyed the amenities that it offered. The food was excellent, the atmosphere very casual and the company we shared most memorable.” – Thomas and Ellen


“We would like to commend Marcel and Patrick for the excellent and very professional job they did. They were patient and so well informed, able to answer any questions we had. We also appreciated that there was no "hard sell" so to speak. The company, the professionalism of the staff, and the beauty of the area speak for themselves. People have all the information they need to make an informed, individual decision.” – Kathy and Bill


“The guest house staff were very respectful and knowledgeable.” - Mira


“We visited Costa Rica for the first time this past March and fell in love with it. We love the beauty, the tranquility, the wildlife and the kindness of its people. They knew they wanted to own a home in Costa Rica for a place to vacation and, eventually, live for part of the year. We hope to begin building on their lot in Phase 9 next year.” – Kevin and Jeanne


“The property tour was good and Steve provided a lot of helpful information, without using a "hard sell." He just stated the facts, added some perspective and then the quality of the development and home sites sold themselves. It was a really great trip and we had a wonderful time. Robert and I appreciated the preparedness and thoughtfulness that went into making this such a rewarding trip. We also appreciated the flexibility of the trip. Nice job.” – Polly and Robert


“I think everyone, Steve, Marcel, Patrick and your entire staff were informative, gracious, patient - excellent representatives of your development.  I also enjoyed and was surprised/impressed with your on site factory. From a woman's perspective nice to know personal design touches can be accommodated. Another nice touch was the 'no pressure to buy' atmosphere - allowing me to focus on the homes, lots, development. This alone is an aspect that will have me returning when the time is right. Thank you.” – JoAnn


“The guest house staff were friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and very competent.” - Kathleen


“We had a good time at the guest house; plenty of good food, wine and company. Our intention was to buy just one lot however the more we saw the more we liked. We ended up buying two lots. One was akin to a trek into the jungle and up a mountain and you couldn’t see the whole thing but Dave just had to have it. “My” lot was a no brainer. It is a 9 ocean view and a 10 mountain view. Breathtaking no matter which direction you choose to look. I am very excited about getting into the building process. We are extremely pleased that we now have a vested interest in such a special place. The whole process was fun and exciting.” – Jackie and Dave


“In my opinion, after researching all of Costa Rica, I find the southern Pacific zone to be not only my favorite place in the country, but the area most ripe for property appreciation.” – Bija


“We are looking forward to designing and building our dream house on our newly purchased lot in Phase 9, which has both fantastic ocean and mountain views! We feel lucky to have joined such an outstanding tour led by Steve and Kristina from Pacific Lots! We are looking forward to building a dream home in a country that has figured out how to balance its environment of beautiful and exotic animals and flora and the humans that live among them! It was also refreshing to experience the kindness and pleasantries of the Ticos! As we drove past so many of the people smiled and waved! Imagine that!“ – Ken and Lucinda


“Your staff were fabulous. They were very respectful and extremely knowledgeable. We had a very good time with them. Patrick has a great sense of humor.” – Diann and Eddie


“Costa Rica was an early favorite, but the price was less attractive than other destinations. That changed when we met Steve Linder of Pacific Lots at an International Living event in 2009. For a reasonable price, we could purchase a lot where the towering Talamanca Mountains met the magnificent Brunca Coast. A visit to Pacific Lots in

June afforded us the opportunity to verify the beauty of the area and the quality of the Pacific Lots product. As importantly, the Pacific Lots staff, local Ticos, and others purchasing property were a delight. We purchased a half-acre lot in Tropicos Verdes with a view of the mountains and green space on three sides. – Don and Karen


“The experience was wonderful; it is a beautiful area and the entire staff was very professional. Thank you very much and God Bless.” - Curtis