Expats in Costa Rica - Why are so many North Americans living in Costa Rica?

Living in Costa Rica as an expat has a number of advantages.  There are currently over 50,000 Americans living in Costa Rica and more than 15,000 Canadians living in Costa Rica. 

The advantages of living in Costa Rica include:

  1. Lower cost of living
  2. Lower property tax (currently less than $2.00 per $1000 in value)
  3. Ease of Access - Cheap airfare, especially from the US with Delta, AeroMexico, Iberia, US Air, United, American, Spirit Airlines, Jet Blue, Frontier, Thomas Cook, Taca, Lacsa, Air Canada, Transat, Copa and more.
  4. Healthier lifestyle
  5. Less stress
  6. Affordable health care - Both the private healthcare network, which is between a 10th and 1/2 the price of comparable care in the US and the nationalized health care under the CAJA, which will cost a minumum of $75 per month to up to $500 or so depending on how much you declare your income to be from outside of the country that you used to qualify for pensionado status.
  7. Large expat communities
  8. Many Costa Ricans speak English
  9. No quarantine for pets
  10. Part of Central American free trade group
  11. First world infrastructure, Internet, banking
  12. Availability of goods and services
  13. Great climate
  14. No tornadoes or hurricanes 
  15. Livability
  16. High literacy rate
  17. Biodiversity
  18. Longer life expectancy
  19. Organic food sources
  20. Abundant seafood, meat and poultry

In summary Costa Rica has become such a popular location for north American expats looking to live offshore for obvious reasons.  The large number of Americans living in Costa Rica continues to attract more.  Living in Costa Rica as an American has obvious advantages and Costa Rica continues to attract expats in record numbers. 


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