Tour itinerary for the 10 day Argentina and Uruguay Tour 


Our next tour is April 26 - May 5, 2024 (10 days) 

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10 day Argentina and Uruguay tour, flying in and out of airport code EZE in Buenos Aires


Argentina economy update

The Argentine economy is a huge mess at the moment, with inflation expected to hit 200% this year. Using Argentine pesos can therefore be a nightmare – and mean you lose a lot of money. The blue dollar (an unofficial exchange rate that gives you a better conversion than the official rate) is around, but if you want to avoid carrying lots of cash, you can now pay using your credit card and get an exchange rate similar to the blue dollar rate. You must choose to pay in Argentine pesos (not USD!) to secure this rate. This is a rough outline of our tour, just to get you excited. I adjust each day based on weather and what activities are best on what day of the week.

Both Mastercard and Visa give you what is called the MEP rate, which is almost as good as the blue dollar rate. Mastercard will charge you the official rate but refund you the money a few days later; Visa will charge you the MEP rate from the beginning.

Be forewarned to avoid cash machines. Currently, the maximum withdrawal is the equivalent of $15 USD in Argentine pesos and it will cost you $10 USD in fees. We will change money in one of the local casa de cambios, where I can assure you we will get a great rate.  Argentina is actually a bargain right now.

We’ll start our day in Plaza Lavalle: three square blocks of huge gomero trees and stunning examples of architecture including the Corte Supreme (Supreme Court), Templo Libertad (the Buenos Aires Jewish Museum), Teatro Cervantes (once a private home) and the infamous Teatro Colón.

We will have drinks at the top of the Palacio Barolo, one of many domed roof buildings in this amazing city. Next, we’ll head towards the Obelisk, the center-point of all roads and celebrations in this part of the city. Take the perfect Buenos Aires photo with the letters of the city at its base. The road on both sides of the Obelisk boast 8 lanes.

From here, continue your walk and gawk at the gorgeous buildings along Avenida Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña/ Diagonal Norte, a diagonal route connecting the Obelisk and Plaza de Mayo. The architecture of Buenos Aires is dominated by neoclassical, art nouveau, and art deco styles. You’ll see many examples of all of these along your walk today.   We stay in nice hotels, eat nice food and run a great tour.

Before we reach the Plaza de Mayo, we'll turn left on Calle Florida, and stroll the length of this pedestrian-only street. At the far end, we'll reach the impressive Plaza San Martin in the fancy neighborhood of Retiro. We’ll also have a visit to the theatro colon theatre for a guided tour.. This amazing theater covers an entire city block. We’ll learn the history and get a behind the scenes look.

On day three we will Take the hop on, hop off bus… getting off at San Telmo and the stadium.   We’ll use cabs, Cabify (the BA equivalent of Uber) ferries, the hop on hop off bus, as well as tour in a luxury Mercedes Sprinter van during this tour.

Day one arrive to Argentina, staying at the Palacio Paz Hotel – where we will stay for 2 nights. We will move the Cyan Hotel in Recoleta on day 3. 

We take the hop on hop off bus early in the tour, so you can get your bearings.  We visit the national stadium La Bombenera stadium, and Argentine soccer fans went ballistic last year when Argentina won the world cup. Argentina currently holds the title, this their 3rd time with that honor. We’ll visit the area outside the stadium where you can get a photo of yourself with the world cup (or at least with a really good replica).

We’ll eat either breakfast or lunch at the oldest cafe in buenos Aires, for lunch, Café Tortoni

We’ll eat steaks at the Fogón Asado parrilla situated in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo Hollywood, seamlessly blends artistry with culinary excellence. The restaurant’s modern and stylish décor sets the stage for a dining experience that goes beyond the plate. Uriarte 1423, C1414 CABA, Argentina

We’ll visit the famous Recoleta Cemetary for a full on tour of this super interesting burial center eating lunch at la biela restaurant nearby, we’ll also try Locro, a soup made from pumpkin, corn, potatoes and meats.  We might be at Recoleta on the weekend when there is an outdoor crafts market at the Plaza Francia, just a short distance from the cemetary.

MALBA museum of arte Buenos Aires

We will be staying at the Cyan Recoleta hotel

A visit tour and shopping at La Boca – 2.5 hours

We will also take a local architectural tour in Buenos Aires


You've heard of gauchos, Argentine cowboys, but there's very little chance of seeing one in Buenos Aires itself. This outdoor Sunday market, located just outside the city limits but still within the province, features traditional Argentine cuisine, folkloric dancers and musicians and, of course, gauchos showing off their horsemanship. So we will visit both the San Telmo Market and the Feria de Mataderos on the same day. Both markets are great…. We’ll do the market of san Telmo and the Feria Mataderos on Sunday


Day 5 take ferry to Colonia, Uruguay, staying the night at the Posada Plaza Major or the Costa Colonia Hotel

Day 6 take ferry to Montevideo – staying at the Axsur Hotel or the Puerto mercado hotel in cuidad Viejo. We’ll take the tour of the the plaza independencia and visit a local winery.  We also visit the beautiful Palacio Salvo, an iconic domed building built by the architect Mario Palanti, an Italian immigrant living in Buenos Aires, who used a similar design for his Palacio Barolo

On day 7 we’ll return to Buenos Aires, visit the harbor area and walk along the waterfront. We’ll eat again at a wonderful steak house that night. We always have options for vegetarians…. 

Day 8 we'll hope our flight to Iguazu Falls. We will be visiting on the Argentina side, taking a taxi to the hotel and later taking the bus to the falls.  The admission to the falls is $30 but the views are incredible and there's a walkway to get up close and personal.  We overnight in Iguazu falls, flying out the next day, mid day.  

Day 9 we'll do a walking tour in Buenos Aires with a local guide.  We spend some time shopping and then do an impromptu food tour that afternoon.

Day 10 most are heading to the airport early but some won't leave until later in the day.  


We'll get out onto the Pampas grass plains and get a look at what Patagonia looks like. 
Though we won't actually be in Patagonia, we will be close.  Patagonia begins about 225 miles south of Buenos Aires.

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to cancel your tour date if things change on you.  Please cancel as soon as you can. This tour is unique in that we stay in a few hotels that are pricey and have limited availability. We have to book some of these hotels over a month in advance and pay in full at that time. They have strict cancellation policies so do be aware that if you cancel within 30 days of the tour date, we incur charges that we can't avoid and therefore have to charge cancellation fees. This tour is expected to sell out and late cancellations keep others from being able to book. Cancellations made within 30 to 7 days of the tour date will incur a 50% cancellation fee and cancellations made with less than 7 days before the tour date will incur a 75% cancellation fee. 


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