Our new 8 day Medellin Colombia tour is now a go.  The tour is 95% tourism and 5% real estate and open to sign up.  We'll visit great sites in Medellin and the surrounding area, including el Poblado, Lleras, Park Botero, el Centro, Guatape' (including a boat tour), Comuna 13 Graffiti tour, a cable car tour, pacha mama waterfalls and el Retiro and more.  Colombia is becoming more popular as both a vacation and retirement destination for North Americans, so Steve went to see why it was so popular.  Now we're offering this tour to introduce people to this great city.

Our Medellin, Colombia tour is scheduled for November 12 - 19, 2023, and open to singles and couples. The cost of this tour is $1650 per person or $2,900 per couple in a single room.  The tour includes all entry fees, all transportation within Colombia, all lodging, all meals (except if you want to eat on your own), all entrance and activity fees and even airport transfers.  Hotel choices may change based on availability.  If you arrive early or want to stay later, you are on your own for those bookings.  The tour does not include alcoholic beverages.

These tours are mostly about tourism but we do see a tiny bit of real estate offerings in Medellin, in the more popular areas of Poblado and Envigado.  The real estate component of the tour is really just an education about the market, the different classes of properties available, the potential effect of currency fluctuations on real estate, the opportunities and challenges in buying property in a foreign country, an overview of what to look out for and what realtors won't tell you there. Again, the tour is simply tourism but why not get an education in real estate as a bonus, from someone who has owned real estate in 4 countries.  We can add or subtract real estate based on interest by the group and will provide information on investment opportunities in local markets, based on interest.  

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