8 Day Tour to Medellin Colombia - December 2 - 9, 2023

Our new 8 day tour of Medellin, Colombia and surround area is now a go.  Medellin was the “Most Dangerous City in the World” when Drug King Pablo Escobar ruled the turf.  Pablo is long gone and Medellin, the 2nd largest city in Colombia has emerged as  one of the most hip and cosmopolitan cities in the region.  
Our tour starts in Poblado, a popular tourist area know as Comuna 14.  Poblado is a popular destination for expats looking for upscale living, dining and shopping.  The New York Times put Poblado as one of the top 52 places in the world to visit. We visit El Castillo, a Midieval Gothic Castle built for Jose Tobon Uribe.  We also vist the Museum of Antioquia, housing the largest collection of works by Fernando Botero, as well as Plaza Botero, containing a collection of 23 large bronze sculptures by Botero.  Next we take the subway and one of the cable cars.  Medellin is the only city in Colombia to have a mass public transport system, including two main lines, 5 connecting gondolas, a rubber wheeled tram system and connecting bus routes.  The gondolas provide access to the hills surrounding Medellin and allow access to many areas previously inaccesible to public transportation.  We also take the metro to Comuna 13.  This area had the highest murder rate in Medellin in the 1990’s, as drug cartels and terrorists reigned under and after the death of Pablo Escobar.  In October of 2002, the government raided the Comuna and many lost their lives in the conflict, but the area was rid of conflict.  Around the same time, the metro arrived to Comuna 13 and the government built a series of escalators to access the hills above the city, making a 45 minute climb into a 6 minute easy ride. The neighborhood has now become a symbol of peace in Medellin, adorned by massive graffiti projects depicting the struggle and peaceful end.  It is now a hip place to visit, with street art, performers, shops, restaurants and views of the city below.  
We also take a day trip to Guatape, visiting el Penol, a huge granite monolith that juts 656 feet into the air.  In 1956, Luis Eduardo Villegas López & 2 friends climbed the rock, and Lopez ultimately bought the rock from local farmers.  He masterfully crafted stairs into the crack in the rock, charging visitors to climb the 708 steps to the top.  The views of the lake formed when the valley was flooded to create the largest hydro-electric plant in Colombia, are amazing.  We visit the town of Guatape and take a boat ride on the lake.  
We continue to tour around Medellin, visiting Laureles, Lleras and surrounding areas.  We also plan a visit to the Botanical Gardens as well as trip to El Centro, to visit El Hueco (the hole) a huge shopping area with city blocks of shops selling everything under the sun.  El Hueco is worth a visit since I have never seen so many knock off US and world products that appear to be genuine but based on price, clearly are not.  
Medellin has some great restaurants and we’ll dine in style.  We’ll also see some great street performers, visit some of the many outdoor parks in Medellin, which makes the city so liveable.  Throughout the tour, we’ll also see the Venezuelan migration issue, which many Paisa (what Colombians call themselves) will say is terrible for the city.  Medellin offers super affordable living in a emerging world class city, the 2nd largest in Colombia.  
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Our next Medellin, Colombia tour is scheduled for December 2 - 9, 2023, and open to singles and couples. The cost of this tour is $1650 per person or $2,900 per couple in a single room.  The tour includes all entry fees, all transportation within Colombia, all lodging, all meals (except if you want to eat on your own), all entrance and activity fees and even airport transfers.  Hotel choices may change based on availability.  If you arrive early or want to stay later, you are on your own for those bookings.  The tour does not include alcoholic beverages.

These tours are mostly about tourism but we do see a tiny bit of real estate offerings in Medellin, in the more popular areas of Poblado and Laureles (just some local listings).  The real estate component of the tour is really just an education about the market, the different classes of properties available, the potential effect of currency fluctuations on real estate, the opportunities and challenges in buying property in a foreign country, an overview of what to look out for and what realtors won't tell you there. Again, the tour is simply tourism but why not get an education in real estate as a bonus.  Many Americans are now choosing to retire outside the US and Medellin is a new popular destination.   This trip will give you a great overview of this great city, the second largest in Colombia. Note: The elevation of Medellin is roughly 6,000 feet so do be aware of the altitude.  

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