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  • The cost of the tour is $1,800 per person or $3,400 per couple in a single room and includes all meals, lodging, airport transfers, activity and entrance fees but does not include airfare.  
  • If paying by credit card, we charge a 3.5% credit card processing fee, added to the tour fee.  You can avoid this fee by paying by bank wire, mailing a check, or via any cash app that doesn't charge us fees.  
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  • Don't book airfare until we have confirmed back to you that we have space available.  Tours fill up fast sometimes and we don't want you to book airfare if we don't have room for you on the tour.  You need to arrive on the first day of the  tour (or earlier) and the departing flight after the tour can't be before 10 am on the last day of the tour (you can stay longer if you want)
  • We hold no spots without a completed form and most tours sell out.
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For immediate tour availability, contact Steve Linder at 305-295-0137 or via email at 


Be sure to press the "Submit" button when you have completed filling out the form.

Full Details:                                                                                                               

This is a new tour for us but we've done the research and have refined the itinerary, transportation and lodging.  We will send the final itinerary a few weeks before the tour, since we will make our final choice of hotels based on the number of people who sign up.    

You want to book your arrival flight into Medellin (MDE airport code) to arrive on the first day of the tour.  You can arrive any time on the first day of the tour and we will pay for your taxi to the hotel on your arrival.  Arriving earlier on day one will give you more time to unwind.  We will be meeting that evening for cocktails and dinner.  Our tour does not include alcoholic beverages, other than the first day's cocktail meet and greet.  We stay in nice hotels and eat nice food but we typically state a spending limit per meal if eating off the menu.    

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to change your tour date if you can't find flights that work for you.  We don't run anyone's tour fees to their credit card until about 45 days before the tour date.  If something comes up, please cancel as soon as you can.  If you cancel within 10 days of the tour, we reserve the right to charge you 75% of the tour fee per person. We have to pay for cancelled hotel reservations and our van and driver.  Your cancellation leaves empty space on a tour that could have been filled by others.  We run these tours for fun and don't make much money running them.

Indemnification - You are responsible for your health and safety

General Release of Liability:  By joining us on any of our tours you agree to hold us (Pacific Lots, Steve Linder, Kristina Welburn, International Living, Pangea, Pathfinder, and/or (any of our agents and third party providers) harmless for any and all liability.  We use a variety of third party vendors, drivers and guides who do their best to take excellent care of our groups.  We have never had an incident however travel in a foreign country is putting most of us out of our normal lifestyle.  While we make every effort to insure your health and safety, we are not responsible for you, those traveling with your or your personal possessions.  We ask that you use common sense and take care while traveling.  You also agree that you are physically capable of being involved in normal tour activities such as walking and climbing stairs and do not have health or mobility issues that might put you at risk in normal day to day activities.  Our tour takes place in Colombia and we only organize the tour while others perform the services. You agree that when participating in our tour that you accept all liability in doing so.