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  • If a section is non applicable, put an X in the box.
  • Don't book airfare until we have confirmed back to you.  You need to arrive on the first day of the tour and the departing flight after the tour can't be before 8:00 pm on the last day of the tour
  • We hold no spots without a completed form and most tours sell out.
  • The cost of the tour is $299 per person for our 4 day 3 night Discovery Tours and $1000 is credited off any purchase to offset visit and travel expenses
  • Be sure to press the "submit" button after completing the form.
  • We promise we have no sales presentation on any of our tours!
  • If you would prefer to call us with your credit card information, just put an x in all the credit card form boxes.
  • If you have trouble with the form, call us at 877-481-0300 

For Guest House availability, contact Steve Linder at 305-295-0137

Be sure to press the "Submit" button when you have completed filling out the form.

Full Details:                                                                                                               

Our discovery tour is a great way to see what is available for home sites in our developments.  You pay just $299 per person and on day 1 we'll provide airport pickup and lodging in San Jose on the day of arrival, transportation to our development and days 2 and 3 touring our developments and return transportation to the airport in San Jose on day 4.  All meals are provided except on the day of your arrival and any snacks or light lunch you might want on the ride down or back from the development.  3 nights of lodging are included.  All transportation is provided except your airfare to and from Costa Rica. When you arrive, you decide what lot you want and if you find a lot you like, we expect you to put a deposit on the lot at that point to hold it.  We recommend you bring a personal check with you.  Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on these tours. 

You want to book your arrival flight into San Jose (SJO airport code) to arrive on the first day of the tour.  You can arrive any time on the first day of the tour and we will pick you up at the airport on your arrival.  Arriving earlier on day one will give you more time at the fabulous Martino resort.  There is a great zoo across the street from the hotel as well as a huge swimming pool, great gym, hiking trails, spa, restaurant, bar, pool tables, internet stations, cable TV, DVD players in room and wireless internet throughout the property.    

You need a departure flight no earlier than 8:00 pm (AFTER 8:00 pm) on the last day of the tour since we don't get back to San Jose until 6:00 pm.  Most people need to stay the night in San Jose and fly out the next morning.  If you can not get a flight out after 8:00 pm, we suggest you book a room for that night at the Wyndham Plaza Herradura in San Jose.  This hotel has a free airport shuttle, a great breakfast, a casino on site, a mall across the street and a tour desk.  Book on Ramada's site or via Expedia.  Also try the Adventure Inn or the Barcelo Palacio if the Wyndham is sold out.  The cost of our tour is $299 per person and we will charge the fee about 10 days before the tour date via your credit card. for an extra $100 we will book and pay for your hotel on the last night in San Jose and drop you at the hotel. The hotel has a free airport shuttle as well as a great breakfast included in the rate. 

Getting to our properties

We will pay for you to take a taxi to the Hotel Martino upon your arrival in San Jose (SJO) Costa Rica and we will transport you to the development the following morning.  We’ll bring you back to the airport at the end of the visit or drop you at any hotel close to the airport at no charge.  Transportation to our development will be in a very comfortable executive van.  This is a property tour but there will be no sales presentation.  We will have time to see some local sights, swim in the ocean, visit a local supermarket, etc.

Please be prepared

To reserve a property of your choice a 10% deposit will be required once your selection has been made. We regret that no properties can be reserved without a deposit and we respectfully request that you bring your checkbook to avoid disappointment.

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to change your tour date if you can't find flights that work for you.  We don't run anyone's deposit to their credit card until about 10 days before the tour date.  Please cancel as soon as you can.  If you cancel within 10 days of the tour, we reserve the right to charge you a $100 fee per person.  We have to pay for cancelled hotel reservations and our van and driver.  Your cancellation leaves empty space on a tour that could have been filled by others.  We are not in the tour business, we run these tours to allow people to see our properties.

Upcoming Tour Dates 

For a list of upcoming tour dates check the home page of our website for the most up to date list on the lower left hand side of the page. 


General Release of Liability:  By joining us on any of our tours you agree to hold us (Pacific Lots, Steve Linder, Kristina Welburn, International Living, Pathfinder Tours, Tico Rides, Ventana Del Pacifico, the  Hotel Martino and any of our agents and third party providers) harmless for any and all liability.  We use a variety of third party vendors, drivers and guides who do their best to take excellent care of our groups.  We have never had an incident however travel in a foreign country is putting most of us out of our normal lifestyle.  While we make every effort to insure your health and safety, we are not responsible for you, those traveling with your or your personal possessions.  We ask that you use common sense and take care while traveling.  You also agree that you are physically capable of being
involved in normal tour activities such as walking and climbing stairs and do not have health or mobility issues that might put you at risk in normal day to day activities.  Our tour takes place in Costa Rica and we only organize the tour while others perform the services. When participating in our tour you agree that your accept all liability in doing so.