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Pacific Lots Sales Representative Page

Our sales team is headed up by Steve Linder.  Steve is VP of sales and he leads the firm's sales initiative.  He provides sales materials, DVD's and other promotional ideas to sales reps and alliance partners.  Steve is the guy you will likely meet at shows, doing presentations, as keynote speaker or leading a seminar or workshop.

Kristina Welburn develops the company newsletter, The Paradise Post, as well as most marketing materials.  She also leads sales and marketing initiatives on the world wide web.  Kristina serves on a number of non profits, as executive director, board member, contract employee or grant writer.  She's got one of the biggest hearts in the world and donates much of her time to non profits and other philanthropic endeavors.

Steve became involved with the Ventana del Pacifico project in Costa Rica initially as a client. He formed the company, Pacific Lots of Costa Rica, to build a sales presence for the company in the US, Canada and Europe. We sell through our team of sales reps, customer referrals, a busy show schedule and a sizable number of realtors and alliance partners. We also work with both AARP and International Living. We work with some of the larger realty firms in the US as well as a number of investment groups and affiliate organizations.

Pacific Lots leads tours of Costa Rica as well as our development. We bring guests to a variety of destinations within Costa Rica to give a better overview of the country. We encourage anyone who is interested in discovering Costa Rica to contact us about a visit to the guest house, where you can experience the quality of life we enjoy every day. You will quickly see why so many people who have visited our properties become owners.  We offer a variety of tour dates for our 4 day Discovery tour each month.  The cost of that tour is $299 per person and is pretty much all inclusive. We can fit a tour around your schedule or you can work with our schedule and travel with a small group. 

We also offer 10 day tours that are mostly tourism but with an overview of property ownership opportunities in Costa Rica as well as Panama.  We offer two types of 10 day tours, one specifically focused on Costa Rica, our country and property tour.  We also offer our Costa Rica Panama 10 day tour.  Both tours starts in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The 10 day Costa Rica tour ends in San Jose, The Costa Rica Panama tour ends in Panama City, Panama.  These tours costs $2500 per couple or $1800 per single in a single room and are all inclusive except for a few meals when we are in hotels that are easier for our group to eat on their own. 

If you end up purchasing a home site in our development, the cost of the tour and travel is generally paid for by us through a $1000 travel credit discounted off the price of the lot.  It's our buy and fly free program.