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New Year's in Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Thu, Dec, 31, 2009

San Jose is a buzz with activity.  Everyone seems to be looking forward to 2010.  I arrived into Costa Rica yesterday on a packed A300 wide body flight from Miami.  The airport was jammed, every flight was arriving packed with families on vacation from the US as well as Costa Ricans heading home for the holidays.  I'll spend the day today meeting all our tour guests at the airport as each arrives from various places across the US and Canada on various airlines. 

The Hotel Martino has a new years eve bash planned but I doubt I'll make it till midnight.  I'll be sound asleep, repowering for the coming day.  People don't try to dress to impress in San Jose, comfort over fashion is the norm.  I don't think we'll see people dressed like I would have if I'd stayed in Key West.  In Key West we celebrate in some weird ways.  One of the bars, the 801, will drop "Sushi" a drag queen, from the roof of the building at midnight in a giant high heel.  I doubt I'll see anything like that in San Jose.  Here we'll see fireworks, they plan to shoot them over the pool at the hotel at midnight.  We'll no doubt see some hats and some celebratory drinking, but I don't expect to see drunken people in the streets, again a common sight in Key West.  Most holidays in Costa Rica are about family, children, good food and friends.

The air is nice, the smells are nice, the food is nice, the weather is perfect, the sound of the birds is soothing, I am going to enjoy New Years Eve asleep in Costa Rica.  See you all next year.



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