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The new Autopista Del Sol has some Growing Pains

Posted by Steve Linder on Fri, Jun, 25, 2010

Last Sunday the new toll road from San Jose to the west coast was closed shortly before noon due to a number of issues with rocks in the road from the heavy rains.  Although the company responsible for building the road, Autopista Del Sol, claims the road is fine, they have agreed to temporarily close one section of the road, between Orotina and Atenas, totaling about 12 miles.  The missing section means you have to use the old "aguacate" highway through a stretch through the mountains.  Though we have used this road for many years to reach our properties, our Discovery tour groups would prefer using the new highway rather than winding through the mountainous stretch we are again traveling, adding 45 minutes to our travel time.   

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Laura Chinchilla - The First Woman President Elected in Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Mon, Feb, 08, 2010

A Woman President- Today marks a historical moment.  Laura Chinchilla was elected president last night by carrying nearly 50% of the vote.  Costa Rica has the highest concentration of women in office on the planet, currently at about 40%.  The government is suggesting that the number should be 50/50 and are working to do so.  Costa Rica also has term limits of 4 years for a President.  They can run again but must sit out at least a four year term before being eligible to run again. This was Oscar Arias's second term in office. 

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