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Another day in Paradise - Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Mon, Jan, 18, 2010

As many of you may know, I was just in Costa Rica leading two back to back property tours.  I just returned on the 14th of January and am now catching up on my blogging.

The first group arrived on New Year's eve for a tour starting on December 31st and ending on the 3rd of January, a quick trip to our developments to tour homes, home sites and the area around us.  Our trip started at the Martino Resort in Alejuala, a suburb of San Jose.  I rounded up all twelve of our tour mates at the airport on various flights, a very busy time at the San Jose Airport, and took them to the hotel.  The Resort Hotel Martino was hosting a new year's eve party, complete with live music, a fixed menu dinner, champagne toast and fireworks at midnight.  Since most of us had just arrived on flights from across the US and Canada, we all decided to skip the party, opting for a good night's sleep instead. 

Did I mention the fireworks at midnight?  It seems the owners of the Martino like their fireworks.  Starting promptly at midnight, we were serenaded by an hour long concert of booms, kapowees, and blasts of light as smoke and ashes rained down on the hotel.  Many of these booms rocked the hotel and shook the windows.  As I lay there trying to sleep I thought about how much I love Costa Rica.  No one from the hotel complained, welcome to our first day in paradise.  Owning property in Costa Rica is a blessing and a great way to get some of your savings out of North America. 

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