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Two Bank Foreclosed Properties we are listing for the lender

Posted by Steve Linder on Tue, Mar, 01, 2016

FORECLOSURE - 700 acre farm near Quepos Costa Rica with OCEAN VIEWS - FINANCING

Excellent development parcel - appraised for $2.6 mil

This 700 acre parcel sold for $2.5 million dollars less than 15 years ago to a US based development group.  The development team took on the project right as the real estate downturn hit the world market.  The lender recently got the property out of foreclosure from that development team and is now offering it at an amazing value.  Look on ebay right now and you will see other parcels priced at a million dollars for less than 100 acres.  This is 700 acres mostly cleared, usable and just minutes off the coastal highway.  This should be in someone's investment portfolio just sitting on raw land or in a real estate trust.  In the early 2000's this parcel sold to a development team with the intent to do a residential development on the parcel.  The municipatlity gave a "Uso de Suelo" permit to grant the full development of the parcel into a high end development called Quepos Heights.  Quepos by the way is the MOST VISITED TOWN in the entire country of Costa Rica. 


Here is a chance to purchase this land at significatntly less than half of the current recently appraised value.  I specialize in land sales in Costa Rica and have sold millions of dollars in land each year the past 10 years,  I have a website with over 130 pages of information and have run multiple property tours per month in Costa Rica for the past 10 plus years.  We get between 100 and 500 people per day on our website and hundreds of people on tour with us each year.  I would suggest I have sold more property than anyone else in the entire country and I know this market better than anyone.


I will attest that this is one of the best values I have ever seen in Costa Rica.  This parcel is located within 10 miles of Manuel Antonio national park. The parcel would make an ideal eco development offering larger parcels (5 acres for example at $50,000 for the entire 5 acres).  At this pricing structure you could get over $5 million for the parcel while keeping a third for yourself and only selling 100 parcels.  Or you could do smaller parcels in full residential development (en condominium) and get multi millions in returns.  This land is appraised just as farmland for over 2 million dollars.  There are multiple ridges with expansive ocean views and it would be easy to sub divide this parcel into 10 or more smaller parcels.  There's a decent sized river right on the parcel as well as a nice waterfall and swimming hole.  You could make a campground out of part of this parcel, develop part, run cattle on part and farm part and still have lots of land left over, it is 700 acres....   The entire parcel is available for sale, the lender would like to get $1,000,000 but in the interest of a quick sale, is open to offers.  The lender has had their money tied up in this parcel for a long time and now they are offering it at blow out pricing.  Look anywhere in Costa Rica and try to find land this cheap per acre....  Add that this parcel is in Quepos (again, in case you weren't paying attention, Quepos is the MOST visited town in the entire country) and the parcel has nice ocean views, mountain views, water and waterfalls.... AND the lender is willing to offer financing with a significant down payment, ask for details.


find us on Google under Pacific Lots of Costa Rica.  if you want to join a property tour in Costa Rica to see this parcel and are interested in a retirement home, vacation property or rental property or just to hold raw land, we offer 4 day all inclusive property tours at just $299 per person.  Don't be afraid to make an offer or call on this property.



     700 or 285 hectare farm located ten minutes from the Palma Tica plantation of manicured palm oil trees adjacent to the town of Paquita, ten minutes north of Quepos along the coastal highway. Quepos is the capital of Aguirre canton in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica. 

·     Finca Del Presidente is 25 minutes from the town of Quepos and the beautiful hillside town of Manual Antonio. Some of the best surfing, beaches, restaurants and hotels in Costa Rica are located in these two towns just 25 minutes from the farm. Manual Antonio National Park is the # 1 tourist destination in all of Costa Rica.

·       Finca Del Presidente has over two kilometers, (one and a half miles) of organic, mountain fresh rivers and streams, which originate in the mountains. This creates access to abundant pure, fresh water.

·         There are two spectacular waterfalls on the farm, one over ten meters or 35 feet in height. 

·         Finca Del Presidente has one of the best natural swimming holes within twenty miles according to the locals. The large waterfall on the farm has created (by the force of the falls over thousands of years), a beautiful natural swimming hole which is 25 meters wide,(75 feet) by 40 meters long, (120 feet) and 5 meters, (15 feet) deep. 

·    There are over 4 kilometers, (two and one half miles) of existing roads on the farm allowing for immediate use and ease of access throughout the property. 

·         There are over 2 kilometers, (one and one quarter miles) of ridge line ocean views with roads for immediate residential or commercial development. The approved zoning plan for the farm, (Use de Suelo) allows for both residential and commercial development. 

·    Finca Del Presidente has over 200 acres, (80 hectares) of flat or gently sloping land previously utilized as a major fruit orchid and working cattle operation.

·         Existing electrical access to the municipal electric grid is currently in place for the nearby neighbors on the public road to the ranch.

·         There is abundant fresh water directly accessible on the farm from several springs, a large pond and over two kilometers of rivers and mountain springs. 

·         Finca del Presidente has clean title held in a Costa Rican limited liability company, (SRL).


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Costa Rica Foreclosure and Bank Owned Real Estate Property Estate

Posted by Steve Linder on Fri, Nov, 21, 2014

Here's a few highly discounted properties we've been offered in Costa Rica, either bank owned, foreclosed upon or by distressed sellers who need to get out right away. It's not that often that we come across really discounted property in Costa Rica.  SOLD

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Top Five Reasons to live in a Foreign Country like Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Sat, Nov, 08, 2014

 People often ask me why I recommend living in Costa Rica, or any foreign country for that matter. There are a lot of Americans living in Costa Rica, both working there for multinational companies as well as a large retirement contingent.  Living in a foreign country, whether in Costa Rica or elsewhere offers some serious advantages that many people don't even know about.

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Where Americans Retire Outside the US, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama?

Posted by Steve Linder on Fri, Dec, 20, 2013

Where to retire?  As an American baby boomer my choices are nearly endless.  Like most others, I want a safe place with great health care options.  I want easy access, low airfare and lots of airlines servicing the country.  I also want a stable government, a healthy economy and great weather. I am personally planning to spend my retirement years living outside the US, as an expatriate.  What's an expatriate you ask?  Someone choosing to live outside their home country.  Americans are leaving the US in record numbers.  The value of the US dollar has been declining as the US continues to print money at a record pace.  This dilutes the value of your savings if in dollars.

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Cosmic Bowling in the Osa Region of Costa Rica and a Real Estate Boom

Posted by Steve Linder on Fri, Dec, 13, 2013

People have been getting quite a surprise when driving down the coast in southern Costa Rica.  There among the toucans, sloths and macaws is another rare bird in this area, a cosmic bowling alley.  The Costa Ballena region has been amazing people with its bio diversity for years.  But recently some new inhabitants have appeared, causing a migration of a different sort. 

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House Hunters International, Travel and Leisure Magazine Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Mon, Jun, 24, 2013

Yup, just like I keep telling everyone, it's only a matter of time before everyone wants to be where we are.  Travel and Leisure Magazine wrote this past month that the Bahia Ballena Coast is in the top two places to visit in 2013 and HGTV just showed up to our little town of Ojochal to film an episode of House Hunters International, trying to find the perfect home for a retiring north American couple looking for real estate in Costa Rica.  The baby boomers are coming, we had 6 sales in the last two weeks and all our Costa Rica Property Tours are selling out. 

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All Americans Assumed to be Tax Evaders - living abroad or at home

Posted by Steve Linder on Tue, Apr, 09, 2013

All Americans Assumed to be Tax Evaders

Many of you readers may be unaware of a few provisions that were slipped into the HIRE Act signed by President Obama back in 2010. Two key elements seem more aimed at Americans living outside the US than at jobs creation but are having sweeping effect on all foreign investment options for Americans, whether living in the US or abroad.

Under the guise of improving employment opportunities, the FBAR (the Foreign Bank Account Reporting) Act and the FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) have put tremendous international pressure on many foreign financial institutions, forcing them to become tax compliance offices of the US and IRS. Don't get me wrong, I am not a tax evader, nor a millionaire and most American citizens living abroad or simply with investments abroad are not tax evaders. The net result of these two new tools being used by the US government on every US citizen who owns any asset abroad should clearly be illegal and is a direct attack on our personal freedom as Americans. FBAR required the reporting of foreign bank account holdings, just as we all are required to report any income earned.

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Why Westerners Retire in Asia - Compared to Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Tue, Jan, 29, 2013

As I scour the internet for retirement options for baby boomers, I like to share what I have found.  I'm sure many of you are aware that Kristina and I have traveled over much of the planet looking at living, investment, rental and retirement options for ourselves as well as our readers.  We like to provide cost/benefit analysis for north Americans, mostly baby boomers, looking to diversify their savings and investment as well as searching for  quality of life, life experience, lower cost of living in a healthy and safe environment.  Our travels have taken us to some pretty unpalatable places but along the way we have also visited some places that left wonderful memories and many where I would have loved to own a home.  Many places offer excellent adventure travel opportunities but would not be a place I would want to call home.   

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Costa Rica Tourism in Overdrive in 2013

Posted by Steve Linder on Wed, Jan, 23, 2013

I wrote this on the 6th of January: 

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Posted by Steve Linder on Sun, Dec, 02, 2012

Chontales, Puntarenas Costa Rica  - Pacific Lots of Costa Rica recently unveiled a new community development of 2 bedroom 2 bath model homes priced from $140,000 to $210,000 complete.  The project, one of 17 built in Costa Rica by the developer, includes a community pool and gazebo style club house. This project is located in the incredibly stunning southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, just a few miles from the ocean.  Homes feature granite counters, AC in both bedrooms, landscape and all site work.  See      

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