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The 13 Most Important Considerations When Moving or Living Abroad

Posted by Steve Linder on Tue, Oct, 05, 2010

After years of looking at options for offshore living, we have come up with a list of factors to consider when thinking of moving abroad.  Choosing a country and deciding where to live abroad has it's challenges.  It also has many benefits.  For many people change is difficult.  No place will be exactly like where you moved from but in many cases that will be good news.  Make a list of the things important to you as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the locations you are considering.  Don't ignore your present and future needs when you make a decision to move to a foreign country.  For most of us it will be the things we did not do in life that we come to regret, not the things we did. 


  • Consider accessibility, travel time, cost and convenience.    
  • Weigh the options of buying versus renting. 
  • No place is perfect, the US is one of the largest consumer nations on the planet and some things may be more expensive or may not even be available.
  • Healthcare coverage from the US probably won't be an option but the quality and cost may be better and/or cheaper.
  • Services that you are used to may be unavailable.  Many services will be more affordable however.  Always dreamed of having a housekeeper? 
  • There may be more beauracracy which can be frustrating.
  • Don't forget your family, grandchildren, sick parents.  Can you live without them and can they live without you?
  • You can't outrun your problems, they won't go away just because you move offshore.
  • Remember that you can always move back.
  • Be realistic with your decision, are you sick, broke or too timid?  Are the things that you need available?  Do you need to continue working and can you do so where you are headed?
  • What is the risk both where you are headed and were you are leaving, the political situation, the state of the economy, the social network and your personal issues?
  • Be sure your spouse is happy with the decision.
  • Are you able to easily bring your pets? 

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