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Belize - A popular destination for expats

Posted by Steve Linder on Sun, May, 02, 2021


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The 13 Most Important Considerations When Moving or Living Abroad

Posted by Steve Linder on Tue, Oct, 05, 2010

After years of looking at options for offshore living, we have come up with a list of factors to consider when thinking of moving abroad.  Choosing a country and deciding where to live abroad has it's challenges.  It also has many benefits.  For many people change is difficult.  No place will be exactly like where you moved from but in many cases that will be good news.  Make a list of the things important to you as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the locations you are considering.  Don't ignore your present and future needs when you make a decision to move to a foreign country.  For most of us it will be the things we did not do in life that we come to regret, not the things we did. 

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