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Show season, Panama, Canada & Dominican Republic selling Costa Rica

Posted by Steve Linder on Tue, Apr, 10, 2012


I arrived in Panama today for the International Living Panama event. I'll be presenting Costa Rica as an alternative to Panama and I'm sponsoring the closing cocktail reception at the event being held at the Riu Hotel. The event should be great with over 350 people signed up to attend, all wanting to see what all the buzz is about retiring or living outside the US. 
Costa Rica works better for me but Panama's only an hour and fifteen minutes from our developments.
Two weeks ago I did a show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, the furthest north I've ever been in my life.  Saskatoon was really cold.  It's the praries of Canada and the wind whips across the land leaving everything barren.  But there's lots of oil, natural gas and uranium and everyone seemed to have a lot of money up there.  There's no economic crisis that I could see in Saskatoon, Canada. We already have some folks from Saskatoon heading down on our tours to see our project in Costa Rica.
My next show is in the Dominican Republic in June.
Come tour our project in Costa Rica and see how you can retire earlier on less money and also get some of your dollars into another country before any potential devaluation of the US dollar. 
Here's the Panama Canal.
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